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3 Company Events that Require Professional Cleaning Services

3 Company Events that Require Professional Cleaning Services

As a Kansas-based office manager, you already have too much on your plate. Add hosting a corporate event to all that, and things can get out of control fast. Call our professional cleaning services in Kansas City to prep the meeting room and deal with the aftermath of an office party, birthday, or formal conference that gets a little out of hand once the food and drinks are served.

Four Men Wearing Lanyards Having a Conversation at a Conference

1.Conference or Meeting

If you run an office, you’re bound to reserve boardrooms for conferences and meetings—that’s par for the course where team-building is concerned, especially for traditional office-based models.

While you must ensure your surfaces are near-reflective by hiring office cleaning services before the fact, you should keep these rooms clean because you might get visitors on short notice.

By keeping boardrooms clean, conference or no conference, you’re always ready to impress clients, administrators, auditors, and other valued guests.

2.Calls for a Celebration!

Nothing screams success better than a company that reaches important milestones and gets to celebrate achievements like anniversaries, repeat clients, massive deals, and executive retirements.

Celebrating these milestones is essential to recognize the hard work of your staff. However, you don’t want to see the result of your celebration the day after, not longer than it takes a cleaning company to come in and tidy up the place anyway.

Wine Being Served at an Office Venue Freshly Cleaned by Janitorial Services

3.Holiday Party

The holiday season is right around the corner, and we have it on good authority that 3 out of 4 companies are planning office holiday parties for their employees. In this increasingly unpredictable world, who knows if they’ll even get the chance to throw one next year?!

Holiday office parties usually involve alcohol, late nights, and embarrassing dance moves. In light of day, all of this could lead to stray party decorations, not to mention spilled food and drinks. Hire commercial office cleaning the day before the party and the very next day, so you’re more tempted to do a repeat come next year.

Cleaning Issues the Next Day: What to Expect?

In the harsh and unfiltered morning light, you’re likely to detect the following cleaning-related issues spread around the former party venue:

Bits of trash all over the place

  • Decoration in place that needs to be taken down
  • Spilled food and beverages
  • Mysterious stains on the carpeting, floorboards, walls, and furniture
  • Mysterious stains on the sinks and cabinetry
  • Displaced tables, chairs, and, weirdly enough, plants
  • Dirty restrooms

You Just Found Your Commercial Cleaning Service in Kansas City

If you’re reading this, you already know where to go for office cleaning services in Kansas City. Click our services tab to explore our commercial cleaning services, which include weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and special office cleaning for the abovementioned events. We also help you with post-construction cleanups and move-in/move-out cleaning services.

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How to Keep the Peace (and the Tidiness) When You Have a Pet

How to Keep the Peace (and the Tidiness) When You Have a Pet

Raising a pet is like raising a baby, except the baby never grows up. Therefore, you’re left to contend with presents like dead mice on your porch and pet hair everywhere, even on your contact lenses (true story!).

It’s always better to call our residential cleaning services when your pet’s latest shenanigans leave an unholy mess. However, here’s what you can do the rest of the time.

A Dog Sitting Beside a Person Lying Down Covered in Birthday Decorations and NeedingResidential Cleaning Services in Kansas City

Start with Your Pet

There is no such thing as an introverted dog. They have all made peace with going out for the odd pee break and walk. When they get back, things might get gnarly for their parents.

If your dog has rolled through a muddy trail or wet their coats, they’re bound to bring it home. You can keep them confined to one area before they cause too much damage. We’d choose the kitchen or laundry room because they’re made for easy cleaning.

Once there, you should give them a quick rinse with tap water and only use a pet shampoo if they’re due a grooming routine.

Change or Cover Your Couch

The slightest stain or pet hair can show up on a couch with too light or too dark upholstery. It’s even worse for those who own cats and have leather or textured couches. Kitties love fraying at leather, and their claws usually get stuck in a textured upholstery.

Architectural Digest recommends flat fabrics in a neutral color for pet owners looking to replace their couches. You could also match your couch with your pet’s coat to disguise hair and stains.

The paper also recommends placing a scratching post near the couch or, if you can’t bear to scooch them off your couch, placing a clean throw over the upholstery and chucking it in the washer at the end of the day.

A Woman Kissing a Dog's Head as they Sit on a Brown Leather Sofa

Clean Your Pet's Property

There’s no denying that having a pet turns you into a loving parent, and you want to provide them with everything, like a decent bed, several leashes, and toys. Since these things can draw odor and dirt, they can spread throughout your house through your pet.

Therefore, you must clean/wash these items every week. If they aren’t machine washable, you can hand wash them at the sink and leave them out to dry naturally.

Rest of the Time: Hire Our Top-Rated House Cleaning Service in Kansas City

Maid services can be a must for people who own pets. Keep your house organized, clean, and free of stray fur by hiring our professional house cleaning in Kansas City. You can also book a single or recurring deep cleaning with our cleaning experts to make your house shine, especially the day after a pet party at your place.


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Well, we’ve got the answers! Wondering how to give us access to your home or how we take care of your furry friends? Then click the button below!