Mom Smarter, Not Harder

Five easy ways to manage everything on your (very) full Mom plate
Juggling full-time jobs, trying to get kids up and ready for school, taking care of everything in the house (the laundry is piling up again!) – it’s no wonder we are ex-haust-ed. And we haven’t even mentioned the invisible list of “stuff” no one knows about but still has to get done around the house. The Avengers have got nothing on you, Mom!  And while this is a testament to your awesomeness, being a “superhero” can also take its toll. It’s okay to admit it. Juggling can be a struggle, Mom!
Mom smarter, not harder MEC
Mom smarter, not harder - its ok to lighten your load mom

It’s OK to lighten your load, Mom!

“But I’m a mom. Being busy is part of the package.”

“If I don’t do it, who will?”

“I’d feel guilty if I hired someone to do that.”

We’ve all been there! Let me remind you again:

“It’s okay not to do everything yourself.”

Reread it one more time. 

“It’s okay not to do everything yourself.”

You see, the problem with getting everything done is that chances are, you won’t. You’ve only got a limited number of hours per day (and time travel hasn’t been invented yet). And when you do get close to getting it all done, you end up burnt out, exhausted, a little (or a lot) snappy, and resentful that you have to do it all again tomorrow. Because as you know, there are no holidays for moms. 

So what are your options? How about, Mom smarter, not harder.

Five ways to save time by sharing the load

1. Team up and ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Just because your daughter needs to get to soccer doesn’t mean you have to be the one to drive her. Coordinate with other parents on the team and see how you can set up a carpool—taking turns once a week can save you a lot of time and free you up to do other essential tasks, or even sit with a magazine and some good tunes. What’s great about this approach is it also works for helping with homework and even meal prep (lasagna exchange, anyone?).

2. Delegate household chores to your kids and partner

Kids (and spouses!) can learn a lot from doing chores themselves. They can even gain an appreciation for how much you do on the daily. To keep them on track, create a board with a checklist of all tasks and their deadlines. Increase the fun factor with rewards for a job well done!

By the way, don’t forget to give them a proper “orientation” on getting chores done. Or you’ll find yourself fixing it later.

3. Get organized and use technology to automate tasks

There are apps for virtually everything these days—from keeping track of chores to scheduling who needs a ride and even your grocery lists. Stay organized and remind everyone of what needs to be done. Apps can help you stay on track without lifting another finger.

4. Arrange for a babysitter

Sometimes all you need is a couple of hours to get things crossed off your list. So when the kids are home and you are running short on time, call in reinforcements. Make arrangements with other moms in the neighborhood to take turns to watch your kids. Know a young adult looking for babysitting gigs? Keep them on speed dial. If Grandma is close by, watching the kids is likely one of her favorite pastimes!

Arranging childcare can be a total time and sanity saver for those days where there are just too many things going on. 

5. Tag in the professionals

Sometimes there aren’t enough hands or hours in a day to get everything done, like buying milk and bread for breakfast. But that’s okay. There are options like grocery pick-up and delivery services available that are huge time savers. You can also hire cleaning services like our experienced team at My Elite Clean. We’re the affordable and efficient white-glove cleaning service that clients trust. Because we make it easy (and stress-free) to keep your home sparkling and fresh. Be the envy of all your friends. They will want to know how you do it all and still have time for R&R!

Time to tackle tomorrow, better!

Congratulations, Mom! You’ve made it through another day. We know that there never seems to be enough time in the day for housework between work and taking care of the family. That’s why our professional team of detailed-oriented cleaners is standing by, ready to sweep your home back into shape. 

So if you’re ready to cross off “clean the house” on your to-do list, Book Us Today. 

We’ll take care of everything, while you enjoy well-deserved rest!

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