How Does a Clean Break Room Boost Productivity in the Workplace

Your employees might take fewer sick leaves due to seasonal allergies and illnesses sustained from pests, perform better than ever, and stay loyal to your company if you maintain a clean break room. Click here for office cleaning services.

Don’t take it from us. Take it from the 2021 study in which most respondents reported feeling more energized and could achieve their work goals more easily due to microbreaks, which are only possible if your employees have a break room to go to.

In other words, breaks improve productivity, whereas break rooms indirectly facilitate productivity. Here’s how.

An Office Breakroom After a Commercial Cleaning Service in Blue Springs, MO

Fewer Sick Leaves

A clean break room promotes better health. Your employees would take fewer sick leaves when there’s no rotting food in the fridge, overflowing trashcans, dirty surfaces, and mold. Clutter and garbage draw pests in droves.

They usually lay eggs and cause health problems like:

  • coli
  • Salmonella
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Migraine
  • Weakness
  • Runny nose

The above problems also include those your employees are likely to state as reasons for a leave of absence. You’ll eliminate the leaves and increase your output by eliminating these causes.

Fewer Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies last from spring to early summer. They might affect up to 60 million people in the US. Your office may attract these allergens like pollen through the ducts and carpets, making your employees as sick indoors as they are while out and about.

While they can wear a facemask outside the office, you can give them a clean enough environment, so they feel it’s safe to take it off when indoors. Schedule daily janitorial services for your office during the spring-summer season and have them start with the carpeted floors.

A Partially Carpeted Breakroom with a Kitchen, Dining, and Sitting Area

More Room for Team-Building Activities

A cluttered and messy break room can act as a repellant, which is unfortunate since it may be the only place in your office where your employees can gather for a chat, bond, and have informal team meetings.

Keep the break room clean, and you’ll boost your staff’s productivity simply by giving them a place to be creative and engage in team-building activities like group exercise, board games,and indoor sports.

A Great First Impression

When you keep your break room clean and organized, it makes a good impression on your new hires. The more positive they feel about being at your company, the more they’ll be willing to stick around, thereby increasing employee retention and workplace productivity.

Improve Workplace Performance with Office Cleaning Services in Blue Springs, MO

Don’t let your new hires jump through hoops (trash) to get to the coffeemaker. Keep them happy and optimistic, and facilitate their team-building activities by maintaining a clean break room.

Recruit our janitorial services for offices in Blue Springs, MO, to maintain a clean and infestation-repellant break room, lobby, rooms, and workstations.

Get in touch to discuss your commercial janitorial needs today.


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