Dealing with Coronavirus

Some have asked what we are doing. Here is what we are doing both as a business and a family. Please please please know to do your own research on how to proceed. This is only me sharing what we are doing to stay healthy. I am NOT a medical doctor.

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1. Enforcing constant hand washing for 20 seconds or longer as per the CDC. Note: make sure you are actively washing your thumbs it is often forgotten because you just wash only your other part of your hands. Studies show most commonly missed parts of hands when washing is thumbs and back of hands.

2. I am reminding everyone to touch their face as little as possible. No rubbing noses and eyes.

3. Frequent washing of light switches,door knobs, desks, keyboards, kitchen table, your vehicle door handles and common areas especially in offices. ****especially your bathrooms beef up the amount of times you clean it. If you clean once a week do 2 times or 3 times.

4. Businesses should highly encourage employees to work from home or stay home if they have symptoms.

5. For our cleaners we are using gloves for bathroom cleans.

6. Avoid high traffic areas when you can. Example: don’t fly if you don’t have to.

7. We are using hand sanitizers. When choosing the right hand sanitizer, make sure you choose the right one. It should have a minimum of 60% alcohol.

8. Use a alcohol based spray to clean….we use one with 91% alcohol base for wipes to clean counters and other high touch areas.

9. Stay home if you are sick.

10. Most of all we are remaining calm and taking precautions just as if we were trying to avoid the flu.

As a company we keep all items clean and sanitized from home to home. We are always very careful because we value the health and cleanness of our clients homes and offices. Your home/business and families will remain our top priority as well as the health of our employees.

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