Deep Cleaning

It's Spring Cleaning All Year Round!
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No matter how well we all keep up with the house cleaning on a regular basis,
dust and dirt build up over time in those places we don’t clean every day.
That build up, leaves our homes looking a little dull and feeling a little stuffy.
That’s where we come in!

Deep Cleaning

We all know it’s got to be done, but who says YOU have to do it?!  

Why not let us take care of the cleaning,
While you take take care of what you LOVE❤️❤️

What’s in a deep clean, you ask?  

We start by doing everything we would do when we clean your home
on a recurring basis, including:

General dusting (high general, window sills, blinds, stair rails, baseboards, cobwebs, reachable fans, and fixtures)

All Floors; sweep, vacuum, and mop

Clean moving glass (Front door and sliding doors)

General straightening

Wipe light switch plates

Empty trash cans as needed

Clean exterior of kitchen appliance (plus interior microwave) 

Kitchen and bathroom sinks, countertops, toilet, shower,
tub (clean, sanitize, polish) as well as all glass, mirror, and chrome

Then we get into the deep cleaning.

Paying more attention to those details that take more time and
more elbow grease to clean.

Wipe cabinet exteriors

Clean with attention to detail in every area with respect
to excessive mildew, hard water spots, and soap scum

Vacuum behind light furniture

Spot clean doors and walls 

Then we get into the deep, deep cleaning.

Eliminating dust and dirt from in areas where it build up and hides your
homes’ natural sparkle. 

Detailed Dusting (table, chairs, walls, wall decor bookshelves)

Wipe clean baseboards

Washer / Dryer – Wipe Exterior

Wipe Clean Window Tracks

Clean interior windows (living room only)

Your home will truly sparkle when the light comes in through those clean
windows! But you may not want us to stop there.

Many clients add any number of the following services to their deep
cleaning services:


Add more inside windows

Clean inside your fridge 

Clean inside your stove

Clean your patio (wipe down furniture, clean cobwebs, and sweep floors)

Need something done, that’s not on the list, include some notes when you submit your instant quote, and our friendly office team will do their best to help you with it.

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