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Cleaning up in Oak Grove is always a pleasure! It’s the best of both worlds, Kansas City on one side and the countryside on the other. Call us anytime to clean your Oak Grove home while you go out and enjoy all there is to do in your city!

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The rapidly growing community of Oak Grove provides a family friendly place to raise a family with ample outdoor space, year round youth activities and great schools.

It is no wonder that Oak Grove is noted for its friendly people and is attracting new businesses with increasing frequency. Next time you are passing through, it might be worth your time to stop and enjoy the sights in Oak Grove!

Are you a business?

My Elite Clean offers so much more than residential cleaning in Oak Grove. Our Commercial Cleaning services are second to none and they’re cost effective. Whatever your need for office cleaning in Oak Grove, My Elite Clean can handle it.

Office Cleaning – Daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we can make your offices an inviting and professional space by ensuring that it smells fresh and clean and that every surface shines. 

Post Construction – Brand new spaces deserve to be gleaming the first time you show them off to your customers. We can help bring those spaces to life with our personalized post construction cleaning. We also offer cleaning for various stages of construction – rough in, after painting, and final finishes.

Property Move Outs – This service is specifically designed for property managers and apartment complexes. Once a tenant leaves, a thorough cleaning is necessary. That’s where we come in. 

We’re your elite choice for Commercial Cleaning in Oak Grove.

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We recognize we’re responsible not just to ourselves, but also to our clients and our community.


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If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s keeping your environment clean. While COVID may be on the way out, some sanitary practices like sanitization and disinfection aren’t.

People have become warier of germs. They want to ensure their homes and workspaces are clean, which has made home sanitization and commercial disinfection more prominent.

Commercial Disinfection and Home Sanitization in Oak Grove, MO

Commercial disinfection involves using fogging. It’s a method where disinfectant is aerosolized to coat surfaces. If you’re looking for commercial disinfecting services in Oak Grove, MO, we can help you. In addition, My Elite Clean also offers home sanitization services. Contact My Elite Clean today to get started.

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