Covid-19 Update

First we want you to know that the safety of your home/business is of our utmost priority. We are actively staying update with all government guidelines and regulations in order to keep our clients and employees safe. In response to all that is going on we have created a My Elite Clean Covid-19 Protocol to be implemented immediately. We are so immensely grateful for your trust in us to be continue to be your partner.

Effective Immediately

  • We will put on gloves before we enter your home and will keep them on thought out the cleaning
  • We will not be doing any handshakes/hugs(I know this is sad, but necessary)
  • We will wear shoe booties during your cleaning
  • We will be adding high-touch traffic spots to all our cleans
  • We will be using an EPA approved cleaning product during our cleans
  • We will do wellness checks with each of our employees before each scheduled shift.
  • We have quarantined ourselves away from everyone except our immediate family
  • During each clean we will adhere to social distancing, so we ask that while our cleaning tech is any particular area they be allowed to clean alone in that area
  • We will be using EPA approved disinfectant for each bathroom use
  • During your clean we will immediately put soiled clothes into a plastic bag that we have
  • If you have a vacuum and would like us to use it we will be more than happy to do this
  • In order to avoid cross-contamination, we will no longer be supplying toilet brushes. If you don’t have a toilet brush, please notify us and we will bring one to you at your next visit. It will remain at your home for us to use at each visit.
  • All cleaning techs will wash hands and carry sanitizer in order to prevent the spread of germs**
  • Cleaning techs will be allowed to wear masks if they choose too or if you want them too not because they are sick but just as precaution
  • We will be sanitizing our bags and vacuums between homes
  • High-touch traffic spots;
    • doorknobs indoor/outdoor
    • remotes
    • home phones (if you have one)
    • backs of chairs
    • baby gates
    • light switches**
    • lamps and fan switches
    • toilet handles**
    • stair rails
    • drawer handles
    • appliance handles**


**we already do this in most of our cleanings and will just continue to do this